Air and sludge separators remove air microbubbles and sludge sediments generated in heating and cooling systems.

The air separators are located at the points with the highest temperature and the lowest pressure of the heating and/or cooling systems. The highest temperatures are collected at the boiler discharge point or at the cooling system inlets. As a general rule it is established that: air separators are located downstream of the boilers and upstream in the case of the air coolers. On the other hand, the lowest pressures in the systems are basically at the point where the expansion vessel is located.

Inside they have deflectors, which at the passage of the water, divert the flow in multiple directions, reducing its speed and pressure, favouring the separation of the air bubbles, their adhesion to the walls of the deflectors and their tendency towards the highest point of the separator, through which they will be automatically released by means of the upper venting included in the equipment.

In the case of sediments they shall be concentrated in the lower chamber of the separators for evacuation through the lower manual purge.