Hydropneumatic tanks

Hydropneumatic accumulators are used in water catchments, in drinking water supply installations, as well as in fire-fighting units, forming an essential part of the pressure group.

Surge vessels

The hydropneumatic surge vessels are intended to be used in water pipes in order to reduce to admissible values the overpressure and depression waves propagated through the pipes.

Expansion vessels

The expansion vessels are an indispensable component in all heating and cooling systems. They allow to absorb the volume increases caused because of the temperature variations and to keep the heating circuit pressure within acceptable limits.

Automatic pressurization systems

Automatic expansion vessels with mass transfer are part of (pressurization) advanced dynamic systems. They are controlled by an air compressor which guarantees a steady pressure in the circuit, compensating fluid volumetric changes due to changes in water temperature of the system.

Buffer tanks

Ibaiondo inertia tanks are specially designed to be installed in cooling systems and heat pumps to increase fluid volume and reduce the number of start-stops when quick temperature variations occur.

Hydraulic compensator

Hydraulic compensator allows hydraulic separation of generation and distribution circuits in heating and cooling systems, to avoid problems related with flow variations.

Air and dirt separators

Air and dirt separators remove air microbubbles and dirt sediments generated in heating and cooling systems.

Compressed air tanks

These tanks are designed to accumulate air inside and regulate the operation of the compressor by stabilizing the compressed air network.