Compressor-controlled pressurization units, classified as dynamic pressurization systems for heating and cooling systems. They require an auxiliary power supply for operation.

Controlled by a control unit with compressor, they allow to maintain a constant pressure in the system, compensating the volumetric changes that the fluid suffers, as a consequence of the temperature variations in the system.

The CRB AUTOMAT consists mainly of a control unit (compressor and controller) and an expansion vessel. The expansion vessel is equipped with a bladder to divide the reservoir on one side of air and one side of water.

A. System in balance

The expansion vessel contains a small amount of water. The system is at rest.


B. Temperature increase

The water volume and pressure of the system increases. The control unit acts by activating the air discharge valve as the water flows into the expansion vessel.

C. System at full performance

By storing increasing amounts of water in the expansion vessel, the controller keeps the system pressure at a constant level or value. When the system has fully heated, the expansion vessel will be almost completely full in capacity.


D. Cooling of the system

When the volume of water and, therefore, the pressure of the system decreases, lthe control unit shall regulate by increasing the air pressure in the expansion vessel with the displacement of water to the system as a result. This restores balance in the pressure of the system.