Automatic pressurization systems with compressor

Maximum service presssure (vessel): 10 Bar / Maximum service pressure (compressor): 8 Bar
Temperature: -10 / 100ºC
Water connection: see data sheet
Power supply: Single phase 220 V – 50 Hz

Closed heating and cooling systems

  • Automatic expansion vessels with mass transfer for pressure maintenance systems in closed heating and cooling closed circuits
  • Replaceable bladder according to EN 13831 (non potable)
  • Upper bladder purger
  • Control unit for regulating water pressure and volume. Include:
    · 7″ Colour touch screen for display and system control
    · Compressor unit. Maximum service pressure: 8 Bar (oil free)
    · Load cell connected to the control unit
    · Pressure transmitter 4-20 mA
    · Solenoid valve
    · Non-return valve
    · Safety valve
  • Top flange for inspection
  • Colour: GRIS RAL-7037
  • Manufacturated according to Directive 2014/68/UE
  • Optional: Auto filling water system kit
  • Optional: RS-485 and Ethernet
  • For 10 Bar Compressor, contact factory


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