MULTIFUNCTIONAL bladder hydropneumatic tanks

Max. service pressure: 10 Bar
Precharge: 3 Bar
Gas: Nitrogen

Service temperature: -10ºC / 100ºC
Water connection: OFFSHORE R1 ½ “ – GM (AISI316)
Water connection: DUO OFFSHORE 2 x R1 ½ “ – GM (AISI316)

Booster sets – heating – solar systems – sanitary water systems

    • MULTIFUNCTIONAL hydropneumatic tanks for industrial plants, treatment and desalination plants, capable of withstanding the most demanding operating conditions.
    • Suitable in pressure booster sets (low and high side), as well as in heating-cooling systems, solar circuits and hot sanitary water systems.
    • DUO-OFFSHORE tanks have a double water connection, allowing a permanent flow of water, guaranteeing its renewal, and preserving the hygienic conditions of the installation.
    • Replaceable bladder according to EN 13831, suitable for drinking water
    • Stainless steel bottom water connection R 1 ½” GM AISI316
    • Stainless steel upper flange threaded connection R 1 ½” GM AISI316
    • External finish C5M according to UNE-EN ISO 12944
    • Colour: Green
    • Manufactured according to Directive 2014/68/UE


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