The expansion vessels for ACS instalations, are supplied from the factory with the inflation pressure indicated on the label attached to the product. To ensure the proper operating of the system, this value shall be adjusted, taking into account the characteristics of each installation:

In the case of expansion vessels for A.C.S., the P0 preload pressure value shall be as follows:

Preload P0 (bar) = Network inlet pressure  – 0,3Bar ≥ 1 Bar

If the value of the pre-load pressure obtained is more than 3 bar, prior to the air/nitrogen recharge operation, water shall be introduced through the top inlet/outlet connection of the expansion vessel, to cover the inlet coupling, lid or lower orifice. From this moment, we will isolate the vessel from the conduit by closing the key or valve arranged for this purpose. From this moment, air/ nitrogen will be recharged through the tank inflator valve until the Preload P0 value is reached. Once the pressure has been adjusted in accordance with the above instructions and taking appropriate precautions, the expansion vessel shall be communicated with the installation.

For more information consult the instruction manual.