Bladder hydropneumatic accumulators are supplied ex works with the inflation pressure indicated on the label affixed to the product. To ensure the correct operationg of the system, this value shall be adjusted to a pressure value P0, taking into account the characteristics of each installation, either by filling with nitrogen/air up to the pre-load value P0 or by purging through the filling valve if the initial nitrogen/air preload needs to be reduced to the value P0.

In the case of hydropneumatic accumulators downstream of the pressure group (DRIVE), the pre-load pressure value P0 shall be as follows:

P0 (Bar) = Bumps starting pressure – 0,2 Bar

In the case of hydropneumatic accumulators placed upstream of the pressure group (SUCTION), the pre-load pressure value P0 shall be as follows::

P0 (Bar) = Water inlet pressure in tank – (0,5 ÷ 1) Bar ≥ 1 Bar

If the value of the pre-load pressure obtained is higher than 3 bar, prior to the nitrogen recharge operation, water shall be introduced through the water inlet/outlet connection of the hydropneumatic accumulator, until covering the inlet coupling, lid or lower orifice. A partir de este instante, aislaremos el acumulador hidroneumático de la conducción cerrando la llave o válvula dispuesta para tal efecto. From this point on, recharge with nitrogen shall be carried out through the pump valve of the accumulator to reach the Preload P0 value.

After adjusting the pressure in accordance with the above instructions and taking appropriate precautions, the accumulator shall be notified to the plant under load. Its operation is automatic.

For more information consult the instruction manual.