Bladder hydropneumatic accumulators have a fixed air/ nitrogen charge.

The water inlet shall cause a decrease in the initial volume of captive air/nitrogen in the reservoir and consequently an increase in the pressure inside the reservoir.

Energy stored through captive air/nitrogen will propel water contained inside the bladder to consumption points. As water flows and the bladder empties, the air/nitrogen pressure shall be reduced to the minimum pressure set, moment when the water supply current from the pumping group to the hydropneumatic accumulator shall be restored again.

A typicall instalation could be the following:

  1. Submersible pump
  2. Anchor flange
  3. Electrical panel
  4. Disconnector of the line
  5. Probes of minimum level
  6. Manometer
  7. Non return valve
  8. Regulating valve
  9. Pressure switch
  10. Pressure accumulator AMR-Plus

Hs Static level Hd Dynamic level P Depth of the well